Erla left Iceland and became a system developer

It was a drastic change in her life when Erla Edvardsdottir ended up at Nowaste. – I worked as a skin therapist when we lived in Iceland. Six years ago, we decided to change things up. A different country, different language, different things. We brought our children, aged 8 and 3 at the time. We […]

E-drop and the new mailbox

Tempered delivery cabinets can be as groundbreaking as the mailbox once was. Imagine all the items you order online landing in the same cabinet, right at your doorstep. From milk to sneakers. No more need to travel back and forth to pick up packages. A mailbox that is a refrigerator We asked E-drop’s CEO, Susanne […]


Håkan Lindberg is the new Head of Business Development at Nowaste Logistics. His goal is to help make Nowaste the best and most resource-efficient logistics provider in the Nordic region. After graduating from the School of Business, Håkan Lindberg came to his hometown of Helsingborg and was involved in starting up Nordisk Transports warehousing service, […]


We need a completely new system for how we supply a society with goods. That is the opinion of Johan Kallin, CEO of Nowaste Logistics. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift, driven by e-commerce, accelerated by the pandemic. But logistics is burdened by what Kallin calls “extreme inefficiency” and claims that part […]