Customs handling

Do you find customs warehouses and export flows complicated and time consuming? We can help you with everything from import to export clearance. We have integrations with both the Swedish Customs and Tax Agency, as well as experienced staff to make it easier for your business.

Our customs system meets all the requirements for handling un-tolled goods in our warehouse until it is time to use them.

This means that we are responsible for the entire flow when it comes to customs handling, ranging from properly completed documents to customs traceability requirements. There are several advantages to allowing a third party to handle customs goods: customs duties and VAT are paid only when the goods are withdrawn from storage and reduces capital tied-up. We have experience in exporting customs goods mainly to Norway, but we also export to Switzerland, Iceland and the USA, among others. Soon also to the UK after Brexit.

We have competent employees who are good at problem solving and act quickly if something happens, so that goods do not remain in the warehouse. Customs officers at Nowaste Logistics work closely together and communicate with all parts of the warehouse. Our employees have experience in keeping track of numbers and codes, as well as being up to date on regulations and laws to ensure that customs handling takes place quickly and smoothly.

Customs warehouses and export flows do not need to be complicated. We know everything from import to export clearance.

Elin Calpe, Customs assistant at Nowaste Logistics

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