Customer Cases


Nowaste Logistics have extensive experience in food logistics – not at least fast-moving perishables. On behalf of several producers and suppliers to the grocery trade, we are responsible for the entire logistics flow: everything from warehousing to administration and transport.

Food requires fast handling, automated processes and an unbroken multi-stage refrigeration chain. Food products are sensitive to many different types of impact, which means extra high demands for safe and hygienic handling where the entire flow is carefully documented. Our VMS (warehouse management system) is adapted for food logistics and meets all regulatory requirements.

The food industry is constantly evolving and affected by different trends. This means that our business must be one step ahead when it comes to innovative and modern food logistics. We therefore offer well-developed IT systems that go hand in hand with logistics solutions, such as picking processes with advanced technological innovations in the form of AI and robot-integrated installations. Our system helps with service and maintenance planning, as well as noting when specific activities should take place. Through automated flows, we work towards more sustainable and efficient food handling.

Being an all year around supplier of fresh produce means that we need a logisticpartner that meets our requirements.

Niel Klem Thomsen,
Managing director, Everfresh AB



The clothing industry has made great strides in e-commerce, which means continuous investments in highly automated warehouses and logistics solutions. We work in symbiosis with automation so that all e-commerce orders or items to stores can be shipped as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We are very happy that we made a successful inventory change in November 2019 and now have a stable and fast-footed logistics partner.

Anna Henriksson
Logistic Manager at Polarn O. Pyret

We have extensive experience in automated solutions in the industry. In our daily work, we use different techniques to pick items as efficiently as possible, depending on the products and volume. Our competent employees are used to working with automation and large fluctuations. We have extensive knowledge of tailoring and adapting logistics solutions based on customers within the unique needs of the clothing industry.

By creating an automated logistics solution that connects and creates synergies for both store and e-commerce, the handling of the products becomes very efficient. We have developed a range of value-adding services in the form of display pallets, gift wrapping, labelling, repackaging and more to meet customer demands and market demand.


We have broad expertise and years of experience when it comes to logistical solutions as well as handling large packages and bulky goods. For example, through iron and construction products, furniture and home furnishings. We have the capacity to meet the competitive position of our clients in the market and the conditions for development.

In our daily warehouse work, we implement automated solutions  for planning and resource utilization, which means great opportunities to work more proactively. For example, we use autonomous trucks, AGVs, to streamline the handling of orders and large goods in the warehouse. AGVs have positive effects on the flows in the form of reduced mileage for the staff and more hours per day that can be used without the staff having to be on site.

Autonomous trucks rationalize the handling of pallet goods and pallet flows within the terminal. In the home furnishings industry, pallet flows are usually large from goods reception to buffer and from buffer to unloading. By transferring pallet flow management to AGVs, we can also see great benefits in terms of efficiency and safety for our employees. The location of our terminals also considers the concept of Last Mile, to link the delivery of furnitur to the customer in the fastest and most cost-effectively way.

In Nowaste, we have found a logistics partner that sees the value of collaboration and development. Our customers place great demands and high expectations on us and therefore it is important that we have a partner who understands our needs”

Joakim Kvesic Möller
 Logistics Manager at Home Furnishing Nordic



Companies in the industry that distribute hobby products usually have a huge item structure that demand both surface and volume. We at Nowaste Logistics work with unique customizations to streamline flows and structurally improve logistics solutions.

Together with Nowaste, we have developed a solution that we are very pleased with and that ensures our digital development in the future.

Björn Johansson
Supply Chain Director at Panduro.

Björn svartvit rund

Companies in the industry that distribute hobby products usually have a huge item structure that demand both surface and volume. We at Nowaste Logistics work with unique customizations to streamline flows and structurally improve logistics solutions.

We work to meet the high demand for flexible solutions and short pay-off time that has arisen at fast-growing e-commerce companies. In our automated warehouses, we work with custom order management, goods-to-ship solution that integrates volumes for both store and e-commerce, parcel sorting and IT systems that we develop internally.

We only employ our own staff, without any staffing companies, which means that we can ensure a broad internal competence and flexibility. We work actively to allocate resources between terminals, partly so that our employees have the opportunity to test on different operations and partly because the need varies between different high and low seasons. This creates security for the employee, while at the same time meeting our customers’ growing need for fast and efficient logistics management. Our employees play an important role in maintaining quality-conscious handling of inbound deliveries, coordinating these for delivery and managing communication with external hauliers and drivers.