Value-added services

Are you looking for that little extra that elevates the experience for your customers? We offer creative and tailored value-added services for your business, and make sure you succeed.

We have developed a wide range of value-added services that can increase your company’s customer experience or streamline handling later in the supply chain.

Build display pallets, gift wrapping, re-marking, ripening, finishing, repackaging, kitting – we can handle most things. We believe that this type of services can add a higher value to your goods and flows, which in turn can also generate a higher value for your customers.

We have experience in designing value-added services that meet your requirements and market wishes. We can jointly develop solutions to different types of value-added services, which ultimately give your customers a positive experience of your business, for us anything is possible.

We can meet many different requests from our customers, from packing in customer-unique packaging or to gift wrapping or re-labelling goods. Yes, it’s only the imagination that sets the limits.

Kevin Zetterlund,
Operations Manager Coolstuff


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