We are primarily engaged in logistics, a growing industry in the wake of digitalization. Of course, it is an industry with significant environmental impact, but also an industry where considerable difference can be made with great concern for people and resources in society. As one of Helsingborg’s largest employers and one of the market’s leading players, we would like to drive change. To achieve change, visions are required. The vision may not be achievable just around the corner, but it is the direction. And it is exciting!

Please read what our CEO Johan Kallin thinks about the future of logistics. He presents the truck as a potential environmental hero, among other things.

Sustainability report 2020

In the report for 2020, you can read about our highlights from the past year, how we have worked to reduce our climate footprint, new forms of transportation, social sustainability, sorting, and future logistics solutions.


Sustainability report 2019

In the report for 2019, you can read, among other things, about how we work with social sustainability, transportation, employees, work environment, quality, traceability, and future properties.