Our goal is to have the industry’s most satisfied employees. For us as employers, this means that we have the ambition to always create the best possible conditions for all our employees, so that they feel secure and job satisfaction in their everyday lives. The fact that we, as a logistics company, won the prestigious Handelns Bästa Arbetsplats award in 2017 shows that we are on the right track.
Nowaste Logistics is a value-driven company, and our employees are the most important reason why we continue to grow and challenge the industry. To contribute to increased well-being and belonging, our employees receive a number of benefits. We offer everything from subsidized lunches, free breakfast, our own gym, a wide range of in-house training, the annual Nowastegala and Christmas parties.

Our employees are our main resource and that is why we invest incredibly much in developing our staff.

Right from the start, our employees receive a solid four-week introduction to learn all about the company and how we work based on our values and productivity goals. After that, our employees can continue to develop in several areas. We offer everything from practical leadership training to service-specific training, as well as, of course, fire protection and safety training. In addition to our major investments in new recruitment, we work actively with internal recruitment.
We created the concept, “GROW – People and Culture” with the aim is to create a meeting place and an environment in which all employees will thrive and develop with a focus on people, community and culture. The site GROW is the company’s head office, a large living room (800 sqm) with several training rooms, our training platform and a fully equipped training facility with gym and an arena. All areas are available to all employees, including their families, completely free of charge. We simply believe in committing to creating well-being and good cohesion.

At Nowaste Logistics, without a doubt, the great value is in our staff.

Riad Haddouche,
Head of People and Culture