About Nowaste Logistics

Nowaste Logistics is more than a supplier of tailor-made logistics solutions. We offer high-quality and innovative third-party logistics solutions. Our vision is to be a logistics partner that challenges the industry through the development of innovative automation solutions and has broad experience in several segments.

As a subsidiary of Everfresh AB, Nowaste Logistics is also part of Dole Plc (previously Dole Food Company and Total Produce Plc). With a turnover of over 10 billion EURO, the group is the world’s largest player in fresh fruit and vegetables. As logistics plays a crucial role in the group’s success and with the habit of handling extremely fast-moving consumer goods and many transactions, Nowaste Logistics can offer its customers enormous competence and experience on how to best establish an efficient, sustainable and competitive logistics business. Our name is our promise.

We work fundamentally to create efficient and sustainable solutions which develop your business and thus makes you more competitive.

Nowaste Logistics is a value-driven company with core competencies in automation, IT and staff. We only use our own staff and invest in motivating, engaging and developing our employees. This means that we work continuously with training and development programs that provide tools for the individual to achieve both their own and the company’s goals.

I see Nowaste as a company where you have the possibility to grow. Basically, everyone I worked with when I once started is not left in the same position today. They have grown and progressed within the company. I have also advised friends to apply, and the fact is that those who do leave the company also have had good opportunities to develop further in their careers even outside the company.

Filip Söder

Filip Söderström,
Warehouse office worker at Nowaste Logistics


Nowaste Logistics is a value-driven company. This means that our values Passion, Innovation, and Responsibility permeate everything we do and all the decisions we make. We work actively to educate our staff in our values and how we should embrace them in our work. Without active implementation of the values, they become nothing more than empty words on a board – which is not an option.



Until 2008, Nowaste was the logistics department at the fruit and vegetable company Everfresh. Everfresh had an early understanding with the importance of logistics, and by investing and developing the logistics solutions Everfresh became the market leader. In 2008, we felt that we had become so talented that we should also offer our services outside the Group, of which logistics were incorporated into Nowaste Logistics AB.


In the year of 2010, the Everfresh terminal is being expanded. The Group is investing in advanced automation to streamline picking and packing. We are the only ones that invest in automation for this type of business in the time being, which means that the company takes a special position in the market and becomes known early on to be at the front of automation.


Nowaste took the first step into the 3PL market with a unique solution for a member-owned chain, Sweden's largest construction and hardware chain. It was an important milestone that showed the market that we are to be reckoned with.


The year of 2015 begins with a new collaboration with a smaller furniture company. Since then, the company has grown enormously and today it consists of several different companies and is one of northern Europe's largest e-retailers in furniture and interior design.


This year was of great importance to Nowaste Logistics. We had a large turnover on the external assignments, then on the internal ones. We had also established in all three segments for storage, i.e., dry, chilled and frozen. We now provide logistics in several different industries. This year marks the start of another collaboration with a major food company, which is also one of northern Europe's leading food companies.


Nowaste won the award 'Trade's best workplace'. It is an award that we are very proud of, which shows that our investment in our employees is successful.


The time has come to take the step fully when it comes to e-commerce and Nowaste gets its first pure E-commerce assignment when a strong Swedish company chooses to outsource their entire e-commerce warehouse. The customer has a huge seasonal variation where Christmas games and Black Friday affect the flows like an avalanche. These peaks in logistics are a huge challenge to manage and therefore the company chose to hand the inventory management over to Nowaste Logistics.


Nowaste Logistics establishes one of the Nordic region's first modern warehouses for omnichannel to multiple customers in fashion and clothing.